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What makes good massage music?

Not everyone likes the classic spa time music which involves chimes, waves and birds chirping. In fact, I'm one of those people who hates all this. I don't think it is relaxing listening to the same sounds for an hour long.

When I'm getting a treatment done, depending what it is I just like to listen to the radio or just chat to the therapist. If its a sports massage then the radio and general chatter is great, after all it is not a relaxing treatment! My relaxing therapy music choice would be lo-fi hip hop. Doesn't sound very relaxing but honestly, it is just the right temperament for me. Low beats flowing at a good pace with some voice which you can usually not understand. It is the type of music you listen to when going into a hipster high end clothes store, just kills the silence.

As a therapist, my clients choose a variety of melodies and playlist they like to use. I could not tell you what was more popular than others. What I can say is that youtube seems to be the go to music source for people who want to put some tunes in the house, the rest of people leave the preference up to me.

Their is no right or wrong answer in what you should listen to. I would say just put something on you like to wind down to, as this is the aim of a massage treatment.

For those who use apple music (this is what I use). Here is a list of playlist I've used which have been popular with my clients;

* Pure Yoga by apple music. This playlist changes regularly which is great for added variety to my weeks

* Lo fi Hip Hop by Oskar Scheding. This is a good one for the cool hipsters amongst your clients

* Massage Playlist Spa music 101 by Carly Smith. This is what I would call typical spa music and is great for those who like classic themes.

Radio X - A have a few clients who love the radio but don't like chart music and the guys at radio X also have a good topic of conversation you can talk about with your client.

All of the above are very different and its basically your call what you like, these just work for me and my clients.

Thanks for reading

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