What is it about?

Massage should be stress free!

A Sport Massage is not just a massage which after a couple of days you go back to feeling as you did. No way!! A good Sports Massage is long lasting and with the right treatment plan you will no longer be in pain. This even counts for those who suffer with some chronic pain issues. Whether you have fibromyalgia, an injury from sport, falling down the stairs, hip pain, headache sufferer, the list goes on. Sports Massage can help so so much with all of the listed above and much much more. Don't suffer in silence, get it looked at and live a happier pain free life!

Cost of treatments are all the same, you just pay for the time. This excludes CBD treatments which are an extra £10.

Half hour £25

1 Hour £35

90 minutes £50

2 hours £65

CBD as above plus £10