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About Roks Therapy

Massage should be stress free!

Established in 2016, I have come from a recreational sports and coaching background. With this in mind, my focus is to always try to keep you as mobile and active as you possible can. I have spent over 10 years coaching and training in recreational sports where the focus has been on self confidence, team bonding and positive mental health. These aims are still important to me when working with clients through holistic therapies. I am here to help you become pain free, happy and leave your treatment feeling like you are ready for whatever the day brings at you.

Whether your job keeps your static for most of the day or if you have an injury or stressed, my aim is to help you overcome the struggles that have caused you to be in muscular pain. 

Over the years I have worked with a variety of people from different background. This includes professional athletes, sports teams, wellbeing days at events and the workplace and children with sports backgrounds. The age of clients varies from 10 to 100, massage should be and is inclusive for all.


HEAL Studios, The Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, L3 2AP

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