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Chair Massage

Chair massage is the most popular form of massage in the world as it is accessible, the most affordable and its simplicity. Get Chair massage to your workplace or event for as little as £20 per person.

Chair massage for office worker

Corporate and event massage is great for providing a care package to your teamResearch has shown by offering wellness treatments to your employees, you will increase their loyalty and productivity.

Roks Therapy offers an amazing service which can be tailored to your needs, this includes:

  • Wellness days

  • Staff appreciation days

  • Corporate celebrations

  • Team building days

  • Training days

  • Festivals

  • Sporting events

Chair massage is the most popular however other treatments are available such as sports massage, deep tissue and dry cupping. 

Chair massage sessions each last for 15 minutes. It is an oil free treatment and the client remains fully clothed. It is great for easing tension, encouraging circulation and encouraging the whole body to become more alert so that employees return to work pain free and more energised.

In 2013, 31 million days of work were lost due to musculoskeletal conditions and 15 million due to stress/anxiety/depression. This works out at 4.4 days per worker which can affect a business drastically, especially those with small staffing numbers.

Since the introduction of chair massage to the workplace the numbers have been dropping every year. Not only is this true, but those business’s which offer wellness packages are seeing more productivity in the work place and staff moral is growing.

Chair massage in particular is a great treatment to offer your team. It increases productivity and is not an invasive treatment unlike a traditional Swedish or Deep tissue massage.

List of some of the benefits to you and your team: 

‣ Calms and alleviate stress

‣ Improvesflexibility
‣ Increasescirculation
‣ Relieves general muscle aches, pains and tension 

‣ Boosts energy levels and revitalises
‣ Improves concentration levels
‣ Helps relieve chronic headaches

I am fully insured with the FHT and can provide a copy for your reference.

During the event, all equipment is brought by myself. The only thing I require is a small amount of space (this can be a small room or corner of a large space).


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