Create a stronger bond between you and your little one

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby
Mother and Baby

Build a stronger bond

“The practice of infant massage provides the opportunity for parents to tune into their babies, communicate love and security and read their cues. It enables the crucial process of bonding and an infant’s understanding of action/reaction and the foundations of empathy. It also helps the activation of the serve-and-return wiring in the brain, provide the basis of healthy brain architecture: particularly in relation to life-long mental well-being, empathy, emotional regulation, and cognitive skills.” (Feldman, Rosenthal & Eidelman, 2014; National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2004; World Health Organisation, 2004)

At Roks Therapy, the classes are in groups of up to 6 babies and caregivers as part of a 5 week program. Each week, we will learn some new massage techniques to practice, and by the end of the course, you will feel competent enough to do a full body, head to toe massage for your baby.

The groups will be every Thursday 10:30 am to approx 11:30am, depending on how the babies get on during the time. We will have plenty of time for feeding, nappy changing and playing with the babies. The group classes are a great way to meet other caregivers and baby to baby interaction which, is also great for their development.

The group classes will flow as follows:

  • week 1 - Focus on what to massage with, how often and techniques for legs and feet

  • week 2 - Recap, massage techniques for abdominal and chest areas

  • week 3 - Recap, techniques for arms, face and head

  • week 4 - Recap, techniques for back, neck and shoulders

  • week 5 - Recap, putting all techniques together and go over anything you are unsure of

Baby changing, feeding and privacy feeding areas are available. The ideal age for the classes is 6 weeks up to approximately 18 months.

The cost for the full, 5 week course is £50 which is to be paid in full, prior to the commencement of the course to secure your place.

If group classes are not your thing, and you would prefer to learn the massage techniques at home, an online course will be available shortly, complete with a free massage oil to get you started. Sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news!