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Good stretches for upper back and shoulder pain

Try these daily stretches if you suffer with upper back and shoulder pain and tightness. By doing each stretch everyday 1 minute each, you can help yourself feel more agile, mobile and less tight.

Many people suffer with upper back and shoulder tightness for different reasons. This could be because of stress, work related strain, a workout, slept funny, the reasons vary. These stretches can help with all the above and much more.

Please take caution when performing these moves and always stop if you are in uncomfortable pain. If this happens, please speak to a medical professional when possible.

Cross fingers at the back of your head, open out elbows and reach elbows back as much as possible.

Cross arms and grab the outside of opposite legs. Arch back and crouch forward. Feel stretch across all of your back.

Stretch arms out in front of you and look down to the ground. You can do this standing or kneeling.

Putting hands on the back of waist, push inwards to open up the chest and look up to the sky.

Reaching a single arm across the front of your body, use the other arm to pull into your chest.

Using a single arm, reach as far up your back as possible whilst keeping your whole hand on your back and hold.

Reaching up and over the back of your head. Place your hand in the middle of your back as far down as it can reach whilst using the other hand to aid the movement.

Get one arm across your back with your hand placed in the other hand. Reach your head over to the same side then let your forehead lean forward from there.

Give these a try and let me know how you get on at

Other options to help ease upper back and shoulder pain include hot water bottles, wheat sacks, meditation, yoga, pilates, mobility training and finally massage.

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