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Don’t Let Chronic Pain Take Over Your Life

This week, I have the pleasure to share with you a guest blog by Jackie Waters. Jackie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her mid-20s. Afterwards, she began making the lifestyle changes needed in order to minimize the number of medications she would need to take. Here she shares her knowledge and for those who have been diagnosed with chronic pain and offers hope to stay away from medication as much as possible.

Don’t Let Chronic Pain Take Over Your Life: Use These Resources Instead

Living with pain is never easy. When you find out your pain is related to more chronic health conditions, however, you may feel especially stressed, and perhaps even depressed. After all, the term “chronic” tends to imply that symptoms will recur and last for the rest of your life. But in the case of chronic pain, you don’t necessarily have to just live with your symptoms. In fact, you may be able to manage and reduce them by using these chronic pain resources.

So You’ve Been Diagnosed With Chronic Pain

An unexpected diagnosis can come with some shock, but there are resources that can help you manage your emotions, and your newly diagnosed condition.

Now It’s Time to Put Together a Treatment Plan

You may need some time to absorb your diagnosis, but as soon as you’re ready, start taking steps to address your chronic pain and manage your symptoms.

Don’t Forget to Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

As you discuss your treatment plans with your healthcare provider, they may recommend making changes to your daily habits in order to reduce and manage pain symptoms.

Chronic pain may be part of your life but it doesn’t have to control you. If you’ve received a chronic pain diagnosis, start taking steps to improve your health and manage your condition. Because while you may not be in total control of your condition, you are in control of how to respond to it.

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