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5 ways to deal with chronic pain drug free

  • Around 15.5 million people in England (34% of the population) have chronic pain.

  • Approximately 5.5 million people (12% of the population) have high-impact chronic pain and struggle to take part in daily activities.

  • 10 million people (22% of the population) have low-impact chronic pain.

The above stats are for England alone yet this subject is not addressed properly or talked about enough. Many people seek their own means and ways of dealing with chronic pain as lack of help and advice is often met when going to see health professionals. If you are trying to opt for a more holistic approach to dealing with your chronic pain, here are some things you can try to consider.

  1. Exercise were possible - Keeping mobile, moving your joints, getting blood pumped around the body is a great way to reduce pain. Warmed up muscles tend to relax more during exercise when you are carrying stress. Find an exercise that works for you. This could be walking, taking part in group sessions, yoga, pilates, weight training or even cycling. Experiment with different option and you may find just what you need.

  2. Think about nutrition - Some pain has been known to come on due to poor nutrition and diet choices. Using a food diary can help you track and see the patterns of pain and whether this is related to your food intake. Apps such as my fitness pal are great for ease of use and help you track your macronutrients. These could be playing a role in your pain flares.

  3. Massage and physical therapy - Treatments such as Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy and Relaxation Massage have been known to help keep chronic pain at bay. It is not a cure but it is a drug free option for pain relief which can last for unto a few weeks even months (low impact chronic pain). Human touch helps release endorphins in the body which can help reduce stress and tension which can help musculoskeletal pain. A physical therapist may also try manipulation, passive stretching and exercises to help with pain relief.

  4. TENS Machine or other electrotherapy - TENS machines are great drug free pain relief gadgets that you can use discretely throughout the day. They clip onto your clothes and the pads stick onto your skin at pain points, sending vibrations through to help deal with the pain. These have been a popular pain relief for pregnant woman so why not give it a try?

  5. Take time out - You may have had a really good day of no pain or lessened pain and really gone for it. You know later on your going to pay for it with a boom of pain. Make sure you try to take time out for yourself, do some meditation, take a long bath, listen to music, watch a film or whatever you like to do to relax and take time out.

Everyone is different, the frustration and pain can be overwhelming. You are not alone and this does need to be talked about more. There are options and places you can go. All the links below offer a variety of options to tackle chronic pain.

If you are interested in Massage or physical therapy please go to my treatments page to find out more info and what you think is suitable for you.

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