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5 tips to stay on top of your health & fitness over Christmas

1. Dont completely deprive yourself of the things you love

This can make you resent this time of year and ultimately you will either hate the whole season and can't wait for it to be over or you will over indulge and just think f*ck it!

All the confectionary foods are great but remember how they make you feel. That feeling of grogginess and bloated is not a good feeling. Have that thought every time your ready to tuck into a packet of mince pies and you might change your mind.

2. Find an exercise you like indoors

If you are anything like me, you will likely be praying for when the dark nights end. I do not like running indoors, it is nothing like being out under the beating sun and not knowing where the run is going to take you. Hurry back light nights, we miss you!

Experiment with some alternative workouts if treadmill work is not for you. It could be that HIIT class is something you secretly have loved all along but not tried it yet. Maybe you don't want to go the gym, that is fine. Their are thousands of fitness videos online that you can do from the comfort of your own home. If you have kids, they are going to love watching mum or dad or both jumping around the living room and may even join in. Peleton have a great indoor exercise bike which you can buy or rent from them. The bike comes with a screen where you take part in classes from the comfort of your own home. These can be as little as £35 a month so much cheaper than some gym memberships. Other similar subscriptions exist for other exercise types so have a little shop around.

3. Trade in the confectionary advent calendar for one of the gift themed type

If you are into advent calendars, try opting for one of them ones that gives you little gifts instead of confectionary treats. Their are so many different versions out there of all different price ranges. Some you can actually recycle and fill with your own gifts for next year (depends if you want to give it to someone else or keep it yourself). These sometimes come with little beauty pamper kits in so you can treat yourself this way instead.

4. Enjoy the cold

It can be tempting to stay in and watch all the lovely heart warming christmas films they put on this time of year but I say GET OUTSIDE! I'm not talking for hours and going for long runs, I just mean go for a nice walk all wrapped up in your comfy clothes and embrace the elements. Getting out and breathing in the cold air is actually really good for your mental health aswel as the walking being good for you physically. It gives you some head space and it forces you to be mindful of your surroundings as it is all you can think of when it is bitterly cold.

5. Pile up the veggies

Roast dinners are AMAZING in my opinion anyway. Load up that plate with all your vegetables first then the rest can take the little space that is left. Veggies are good sources of all kind of goody goodness and should never be a little side bit of your plate, they should take centre stage. By doing this, you will lower the calorie intake of that roast dinner whilst still being full and can enjoy whatever massive pudding you were having, guilt free!

If you have any other tips and tricks that you do to try and stay healthy and fit over christmas, drop me a message on facebook or instagram @rokstherapy because I love hearing other peoples life hacks!

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