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5 Things you should do before rubbing heat rub into a new injury.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

This is an everyday person guide to treating a new injury. I talk to so many people daily who dont know what to do when they pull a muscle, sprain joint or feel a muscular pain that has just come from maybe, sleeping funny! This guide is going to help you, but please put the heat rub and the hot baths away as they ain't going to be part of this guide! Do this for the first 3 days of an injury and see how you get on, let me know too! I'm nosy and want to know everything


Stop what you are doing and shelter it like a little baby, its delicate now. Use slings, braces, bandages, bubblewrap, lock yourself in an empty room, whatever is best for you! (not tried the last two so let me know how they treat you)


Well you cant go on running now or give piggybacks to the kids across puddles so sit back and elevate that ankle while its iced, compressed and protected! Now is a good time to put your feet up and watch that boxset everyone is talking about!


They used to say that you should put ice on everything straight away and take anti inflammatories to reduce swelling and pain but now they are saying don't do this. It is a little confusing as compression is still allowed but compression also offers support and protection. Their is a reason our bodies react by swelling so we need to allow nature to take its course.


Keeps the swelling and inflammation down and also offers protection. I love compression garments anyway but they are especially good for this type of treatment.

5. Education

Listen to your body and try not to rush too early back to your normal activity. Let nature do what it needs to do, as the healing progresses, you will gradually be able to move more, weight bare more and so on. None of this should be painful so don't push yourself too soon.

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