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Why can't I have a sports massage?

Sometimes you may not be able to receive a massage because of health or injury reasons. You also may have been referred to a massage therapist but then told you can not receive treatment. Their are some contraindications that may stop you from receiving treatment or you may need permission from your GP to get the go ahead. If you would like to discuss this before making an appointment, contact me on 07538935107.

If you can relate to any of the following, you will be unable to receive treatment or may need permission from your GP first:

• High or low blood pressure

• History of thrombosis or embolism

• Epilepsy

• Diabetes dysfunction of the nervous system

• Skin disorders

• Severe bruising

• Recent haemorrhages or swellings

• Warts or Moles

• Recent scar tissue

• Areas exhibiting loss of tactile sensation

• Vomiting

• Any excretory problems

• Pregnancy

• Cuts or abrasions

• Recent operation

• Recent fracture or sprains

• Metal plates or pins in bones

• Pacemakers or similar

• Heart valve dysfunction

• Fever

• Hepatitis or HIV

• Any other conditions requiring medical attention

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