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Dealing with treatment anxiety

Although getting a massage is a treatment which is relaxing and rewarding for both body and mind, some people find is a stressful and anxious time. Having been one of those people in the past who wouldn't get a treatment because I was so body conscious, here I'll discuss the reality of receiving a treatment. I work with many different types of people on a regular basis so have a lot of experience on the things that make people fearful and worked up over getting a massage.

1. Stripping Off

Getting a massage will probably mean you need to take some or all of your kit off for your treatment to be worthwhile, the exception to this is chair massage! All massage therapists are trained in what they call 'towel etiquette'. Before taking any kit off, you should be advised on what kit you need to take off, your privacy and how you will be covered so no one can see you and also you can tell your therapist about areas you don't like to touched. The therapist should leave the room and give you plenty of time to get comfortable and ready on the bed with the towels covering you. If you need to turn over during a treatment, a towel should be held up covering you and keeping your modesty.

2. Body Hair

This applies more to females who in modern society are pressured to shave every last body hair off. Massage therapists are not scared of body hair, if you don't shave, it is not big deal! Everybody is different and some people like to keep their armpit hair, hairy legs, arms, backs, it does not matter. If you do not have time to shave before a massage session, don't worry! Aint no therapist gonna judge you for it!

3. Tummy Rumbles and Passing Wind

As you relax into your treatment, chances are that you may become relaxed enough to pass wind. As much as you may be embarrassed, this is quite common. Tummy rumbling doesn't make you want to sink into a deep hole as much as passing wind but it does embarrass some people too. Don't worry with this either, as you relax your digestive systems becomes less restricted by muscles tissue and movement is increased here. Embrace it, your getting a full body, in and out treatment!

4. Drooling, Dribbling, Slobbering, Snoring

All signs that you are enjoying your treatment and it is doing what is intended. These are all signs that you are relaxed, comfortable, at ease and living your best life! We will just gently wake you up if we need you to turn over or when the treatment is done. Enjoy the snooze, you probably need it!

5. Treatment too Painful

Before, during and after your massage, the therapist will ask you about pressure and what you want to get from the treatment. You might want a deep massage treatment which you can actively feel some pain and feel the aches melting away. You may want to have something less painful but not too light that it doesn't feel like it is doing anything. Maybe you want a really light treatment which allows you to just have the feeling of human touch and relax. Speak to your therapist at the beginning of the treatment so everyone is on the same page. During the treatment if it is not the right pressure, do not be afraid to tell your therapist that you want them to change the pressure. They will not be offended and will have a better understanding of what you want from the treatment.

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