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Chair Massage is more than you think

Have you ever seen chair massage at an event, a market, at work on well-being days or even on some high street streets? Some people look at the chairs and think, 'not for me that, it looks uncomfortable!' You are so wrong!

Chair massage is the most popular form of massage in the whole world. It is the most accessible, not too time consuming and none invasive in a way you do not need to get your kit off. Chair massage chairs are what makes it so so good. To look at the chair, it isn't much too look at. Lot's of bits of metal here there and everywhere with the odd cushion section which seems confusing to a new comer. Once you have been shown how to sit on them, that is when you realise how wrong you have been and off you go into a comfortable slumber for 15 minutes.

The main areas of focus when getting a chair massage are your back, neck, shoulders and head. These are the areas that carry the most tension for a lot of us. Whilst sat in the chair, these areas are easily accessible to the therapist and you just need to relax into the head rest, leaning forward whilst the tension is lifted like magic from your back.

Another beauty to chair massage is that no massage oils, lotions, waxes or balms are needed. This can be a concern for some, especially those who have allergies and may worry about what is in the medium. The therapist can use their bare hands, arms, elbows or even treatment tools to help get rid of that knot in your shoulder. By focusing on techniques which require no medium, you can enjoy a none invasive, oil free and relaxing treatment anywhere.

Chair massage is usually 15-20 minutes long. This may seem like a short amount of time however, after 5-8 minutes you are already heading into a parasympathetic state and it only takes 15 minutes to reach this full zone. This means you have let yourself go for, your muscles have relaxed, your mind is stress free and you can walk away from a 15 minute treatment feeling like a massive weight has been lifted from you.

A good treatment is always ended up a couple of stretches to help you wake up from your slumber and to also help work the apposing muscles across your chest so they do not feel left out. The stretch could be a chest stretch, neck or even spinal twist. All are great stretches to get you prepared for leaving the chair.

So, if you have a business, an event or anything similar and want to treat your guest/employees to a chair massage, get in touch. If you are out and about and just need 15 minutes to wind down and their is a therapists offering chair massage in your vicinity, go get one!

For more information on Chair massage from Roks Therapy, give me a call - 07538935107

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