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5 ways sports massage can help you

1. Ease stiffness and pain in your muscles and joints

Lets say you work in an office all day and suffer from back pain, sports massage can help. By warming up your muscles and helping tidy up the general direction in which your muscles are going, this helps a lot. A bit like untangling an elastic band but with more relief when you finally get the tangles out!

2. Increase mobility of your joints

You might be really lucky and be one of those people who can reach over your head to touch your ear on the other side, or may you not. Sports massage can help increase your range of movement, helping you become more mobile or flexible which is only a good thing.

3. Increase flexibility in your muscles

Can you touch your toes? Well, sports massage can't make you do that but it can aid you in becoming more flexible if you want to become more fluid and less stiff.

4. Helps you recover from any physical exertions

The old method of resting and not moving is becoming less and less recommended by highly trained professionals. Sports massage can help eliminate pain when your on the road to recover whilst you keep yourself up and at'em!

5. Physiologically prepares your muscles, prior to exercise/event

From a 5K to a double Iron man, athletes and such almost always receive pre and post massage treatments. It helps the body prepare for the event and your muscles become warmed up and loosen helping you become more efficient. A post massage is really helping for the recovery period of your soft tissue, helping prevent DOMS and any other minor event injuries.

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