Stuff to get from Amazon

A bunch of stuff which will helps with our self-care, performance during training and because we all love to shop! All of this stuff is what I use myself and if I haven't talked about it in my stories or blogs then I probably will in the future. Feel free to drop me a message if you want more info too! None of these products are shipped by me. When you click on an item, it will send you to Amazon where you can purchase it. Every time you buy something then I get a bit of commission so thanks in advance! 

Acupressure Mat

-The perfect companion for anyone who suffers with chronic back and neck pain. The spikes help stimulate the areas of the body which are in need of repair. You can feel relief from your pain almost instantly, even after a few seconds of using it!

Hand-held massage roller

This little helper can go everywhere with you. It is small enough yet so good for when you want to just rub it over your shoulders to release tension or even into your neck. This can be used all over the body and is great for under your feet too!

Massage Ball Set

-This combo is a great addition to your gym bag especially if you do a lot of upper body strength work. The balls can help massage out any tension and knots caused by exercise, even the hard to reach places. Also really good for any suffering with piriformis syndrome or symptoms of sciatica.

Foam Roller - The Spiky Kind

Really good for targeting large muscle groups and helping them lengthen during recovery and after training. Can be painful to use but the benefits outweigh this!

Massage Gun

These things are super powerful and if you have the guts then you should get one of these. They vigorously work to pound out any tightness caused by your work out or even the strains of every day living. It can be used on any part of the body and offers instant pain relief for DOMS and tight muscles. Improves circulation, encourages faster recovery and eliminates pain.

Resistance Band Set

Activate inactive muscles with some static or dynamic movements using the bands. They are great for a number of reasons but the main are that they great for recovery, activate smaller muscles groups and can aid in increasing your range of movement.

Tisserand Oils

These guys lead the way in all things oily and holistic. The quality of there products are second to none. The peppermint oil is amazing for headaches. Just put a bit on your forehead and temples, even the back on your neck for relief. The sleep pack literally says what it does on the tin as does the motivation pack. You will not find a better quality essential oil brand than these guys!

Compression Sleeves & Joint Supports

After an injury whether it is sport or none sport related, supports are great for several reasons. They help keep the swelling down, the make the joint feel protected and they aid in the recovery process. Compression sleeves do all of this too but can also be worn when you are not injured. They keep inflammation down, promote circulation and allow you to go further for longer.