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Why Choose a Sports Massage treatment if it is not a sports injury!

I get asked this all the time, or I have people say to me that they aren't sporty so not sure whether it is right for them. Let's start with what a sports massage is.

During a sports massage treatment, we are looking for abnormalities in movement of your body, meaning it is not working as it should. Maybe you cant lift your arm up as high as the other. Maybe you have a pain in your lower back which is caused from sleeping funny. As a sports massage therapist, we look for the source of the problem and treat that area or the area which we think it is coming from. It is more than just a massage too! We will use different techniques to try and get you back to your normal state again. This might include getting you to do some stretching or moving whilst we massage, we might even do the stretching for you.

Yes, it is great for sports injuries, but we can also treat a falling down the stairs injury as we would a falling off bike injury. Often it is the same principle and even the same injury.

If you suffer with chronic pain, a sports massage treatment plan can be a good modality to incorporate into your maintenance or rehab plan. Not only will we treat you, we can teach you how to better look after yourself and keep out of pain, or as much of out of pain as you can be.

Sports massage includes, massage of course, stretching you, getting you to move about sometimes, using cups, needles, massage tools, sometimes a little bit of discomfort or pain always leave feeling amazing and feeling like someone has traded your hurting body for a new one.

The difference between sports and other treatments is that our aim is to fix a problem. If you want to just feel relaxed or want a full body massage to have some down time then thats great too. Those types of treatments still help with promoting circulation, releasing adhesions in connective tissue, releasing endorphins to make you feel happier, take you into the parasympathetic state which is important for mindfulness and just generally great for your wellbeing.

If you are unsure of what type of treatment is best for you then just message me and we can work something out which works for you.

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