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About me - bit late but its here now! :)

My name is Natasha and I've spent 8 years as an outdoor recreational sports coach and activity leader before pursuing my career in Sports Massage and injury rehabilitation. I have extensive experience of the impact of sports injuries and currently work along side several sports clubs, athletes and private clients dealing with injuries.

My main focus is to get you moving again and helping eliminate the pain caused by tension, injuries, stress, the list goes on. I do this using various massage techniques, using sport tape, assisting with movements, giving help and guidance on the correct stretches and exercises to do for recovery and also teaching correct posture with certain movements.

I have chosen to work as a mobile therapist as a lot of people are unable to make it to a clinic or a spa for treatments. I bring everything I need to your house, office, sports club or event. I cover the northwest of England, based in Merseyside.

Not all of my work is private, I also offer corporate wellbeing courses available to both small and larger businesses. If you are in place of authority and want wellbeing services to be in your work place, please get in touch!

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