Do I need to be sporty to have a sports massage?


No you don’t. Sports massages is an intense muscle manipulation therapy. This can help with various types of problems you may be having whether this is sports or even work related. So if you have a sore back and don't know why, sports massage may be able to help you!


Does Sports massage hurt?


The treatment is designed to help rid of any soft tissue issues you may have. You may be unlucky enough to have deep tissue problem areas which can be a little painful when doing some techniques such as trigger pointing. Throughout your treatment, I will talk to you and make sure you are happy with the level of intensity. Some people like the treatment to be painful and others don’t, its up to you.

Do I need to pay even if I don't make my appointment?

When booking an appointment you must pay a none refundable deposit of 50%. If you cancel with more than 24hrs notice, the remaining balance is not required. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the remaining balance will be taken from the card you paid with, automatically.


Do I have an assessment before every session?


For your first appointment, we will work together to determine any issues you have and I will examine you to see if I spot anything you may not have. This initial assessment takes about 15 to 20 minutes and is part of your session duration time. Any appointments you make after this will include an mini assessment, to help us see if any changes have been made since your last appointment.


Can I book a course?


Yes you can. During your initial appointment, I can offer to make a plan with you which will include a course of treatments over a few weeks. If you want to just book a course without an initial appointment thats fine too, just give me a call and we can make arrangements together.

Where are you based?

Fairfeild L7 and cover most of Liverpool with mobile appointments. These can be booked by calling or messaging 07538935107

I just want a relaxing massage, can you do that?

Yes, not all massage has to be intense. I can tailor each treatment to what you want. If you have had a stressful day at work and just want a massage to wind down and de-stress, then great!

Does cupping therapy hurt?

It can be an uncomfortable feeling for a few minutes after the cups have been put on your body. This is only for a couple of minutes and then some people say they can't feel them. The best feeling is the release when they eventually come off.