And just like that......pooooof!!!


I just wanted to let you know how it will be at Roks Therapy until at least the end of April;


Clinic appointments will be suspended until at least the end of April. As it stands, social distancing is a high priority and unfortunately this means I need to close up. 


This is heartbreaking news for me, my clients and everyone else affected by so many closures in all sectors across the globe.

Not only is this an ethical decision but as it stands, no massage therapist/sport therapist will be covered by their insurance to carry on practising.



I hope to get back to my normal duties as soon as possible and I am really going to miss the lot of you. Even if we speak or do sessions through the internet, it is not the same. I'm going to miss our chats, laughs, taken the mick out of each other and putting the world to right.

If anyone else out there is really affected by the changes being made, please reach out to me, even if its just for a chat. We have so much free time now (most of us) so reach out and lets chat, I'll be missing you so :(

Spend this time to reflect, enjoy the time with your family and if you are one of those on the frontline helping the country, I could not be more grateful. You are our heroes, whether this be a teacher, driver, warehouse packer, working in the supermarkets, doctor, nurse, cleaner in the hospital, I am so grateful for everything you are doing.

If I don't end up helping the country out by moving into a key worker role, I'll be spending this time to finish the book I planned on finishing last year but got side tracked. I'll be doing some online pain management sessions and learning to advance my guitar playing skills. I'll keep you updated with these sessions and the book and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone who has appointments pre-booked, these can be postponed or cancelled. I completely understand if you need to cancel as we are all in this together. If postponing is an option for you, then this helps me out too :)

If you would like to support me during this difficult time, I do have an affiliate account with amazon. If you click here or click on links on social media, you can carry on as normal on amazon and ill earn some commission from your purchases at no extra cost to yourself.

I'm gonna miss you guys but stay safe, look after you and your family and see you on the other side



Much Love