Update September 2021

I will be carrying out a LFT every week to do what I can to further protect my vulnerable clients as much as I can. When booking, please make sure you tick off the covid screening form before arrival. If you do have symptoms, please call or message as soon as you can to cancel or move the appointment to a later date. 


What a strange year! It was absolutely devastating for all of us on many different levels that I can not even imagine. I would like to say thank you so much to all those out there who have carried on working, delivering supplies, looking after the vulnerable, the NHS, the toilet paper makers and so so so many of you. 

For many people I have spoken to about the lockdown, it has brought a new way of life to them and many people have found new ways to do things from exercise, to educating to wellbeing to cooking, the list goes on. I have personally realised how much I actually love being in my own space and enjoying the quiet, I have been in a fortunate enough position to take this time as a bit of a luxury. For those that this has been a real struggle, I have no words and I just hope you can somehow come out of this a stronger person.

 Their is a few changes to how things are run, here is a little run down of what has been put in place so far;

  • New bed for ease of wiping down between treatments

  • new wipe clean bolsters and pillows

  • More time between clients to allow for more time to deep clean the equipment and room between every appointment 

  • Ill be wearing a visor during treatment to help keep you safe

  • When booking online you will be asked questions about Covid-19, this is to help prevent the spread. If you have been in contact with someone or have had symptoms then you can move your appointment to a future date hassle free.

  • No heated blanket for the time being but I still have the heat lamp so its not all bad!

  • Please bring your own towels were possible 

  • No use of toilet facilities until further notice

  • Please bring your own water

  • New Air purifier to help keep the air as clean as possible.


I can't wait to get restarted and look forward to seeing you all again. For anyone remaining in isolation, I still have online 1 to 1 sessions available which are available now via zoom or video call of your choice.

See you soon!